The Esteem Beauty Dermatological Skin Clearing Treatment

What is a Dermatological Skin Clearing Treatment?

The treatment is ideal for clogged, congested and breakout-prone skin. Includes skin assessment, deep pore cleansing massage, exfoliation, extractions, professional milia removal with a disposable needle, high-frequency treatment (D'Arsonval) and a therapeutic mask. D'Arsonval therapy kills bacteria, stimulates circulation, eliminates acne, pimples.

Milia are small cysts that form small pockets of dead cells buildup on the epidermis but do not come from clogged pores, are not painful, but can become highly unattractive. These tiny white cysts usually appear around the eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth and unlike blackheads, they usually appear due to external harmful factors such as inappropriate cosmetics and moisturisers, excessive sun exposure and an unbalanced diet). Our cosmetologist will assess, advise and remove these on request.

Our Skin Clearing Treatment is one of the most popular treatments we offer and we consider ourselves experts in this field.

Treatment Prices


Skin Clearing

1 hour - 1 hour 45 minutes

£80 - £120

Treatment time and price dependant on skin condition