SPM pigments are classified as cosmetics. All SZWEDO GROUP inks have been put through stringent controls in laboratory settings to ensure safety of use. SZWEDO GROUP inks have been tested for hygienic and microbiological safety by HYGIENE-INSTITUT BERLIN (as commissioned by SZWEDO GROUP). After 12 days of testing NONE (100%) of the samples showed the slightest bacterial or fungal growth. The SZWEDO GROUP inks have 0% germs and are 100% safe.

Dermatest awarded SZWEDO GROUP inks the highest possible marks (“very good") for dermatological and allergen safety. Additionally, random samples of SZWEDO GROUP inks are constantly tested by international food quality officials, health inspectors and the Food Quality and Veterinary Inspection Office in Berlin to ensure safety. To date SZWEDO GROUP products have passed inspection with flying colours.


Quality control

All SZWEDO GROUP inks and micropigments are subject to strict controls and meet the highest quality standards. All ink and micropigment products are dermatologically and allergen tested. There are no risks in connection with medical and, in particular, radiological examinations (computer tomography).



All microcolour pigments and inks were tested for their dermatological and hypoallergenic safety by Dermatest for the SZWEDO GROUP, and awarded a "very good". There were no allergic or toxic-irritative incompatibility reactions from the patch test in accordance with international guidelines.

SZWEDO GROUP pigments are a sterile mix of synthetic and natural origins. Pigments should not change colour and should be resistant to UV radiation.