Skin Scope
Resultime by Collin® Paris

What is Skin Scope?

The SkinScope from Resultime by Collin® Paris will accurately analyse your skin whilst measuring its needs.

Using the same products year after year without change means that your skin will never get all the essential ingredients and nutrients it needs to give you the most beautiful skin for life?

Your skincare regime is your skin’s food – it is therefore essential that your salon treatment and homecare prescription is re-accessed regularly to ensure that your skin is getting the right nourishment / nutrients.


Treatment Prices

Skin Scope

45 Minutes


Resultime by Collin© Paris

What you will find out? 

The Skin Scope will:

  • Read YOUR skin’s oil level
  • Read YOUR skin’s pore size
  • Test YOUR skin’s elasticity (subjective)
  • Read YOUR skin’s wrinkle depths
  • Test YOUR skin’s smoothness
  • Test YOUR skin’s transparency (underlying pigmentation)
  • Test YOUR skin’s sensitivity (subjective)
  • Create YOUR bespoke skin type analysis and description from YOUR readings and results
  • Create YOU a bespoke corrective salon treatment guide
  • Create YOU a bespoke corrective home care prescription
  • Show YOU before and after treatment course results of YOUR skin.