Spray Tanning

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is another way to achieve a beautiful bronzed skin tone that everyone wishes for without the devastating effects of the sun. It is a way of tanning that has replaced sun bathing. More people want to achieve the Hollywood look and spray tanning is an easy and safe way to get it. At Esteem Beauty we use Sienna spay tan, you can choose from a choice of shading grades 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%.


The benefits of a Sienna spray tan:

  • Very Quick – Takes just 10 minutes.
  • Safe – No UVA/UVB to damage your skin.
  • Natural looking – Different shades to suit your skin type.
  • Good for you – no wrinkles just nourishing/moisturising ingredients.
  • High Profile – Top shows love Sienna X.
  • Confidence Boosting – You’ll love the way it makes you look and feel.

A full body treatment - £20

'Tonight is the night‘ tan develops in 2 hours to see the results - £23

Full Body Packages:

Buy 2 for £35

Buy 3 for £47

1. "Girl on the go" package -  "Tonight is the Night" full body spray tan (develops in 2 hrs ) + CND shellac application (Hands or Toes) - £39

2. "Girl on the go " package - "Tonight is the Night" full body spray tan (develops in 2 hrs) + CND shellac application on Hands and Toes - £64