Chocolate Therapy

What is not to like about this treatment? Ladies this is not fattening!

What is Chocolate Therapy?

The association of chocolate and the body is legendary. It has a positive effect on the mind, and it releases endorphins that can give the feeling of happiness. Chocolate therapy is a combination of either a chocolate face or body treatment and a soothing massage, it can be described as two of life's greatest pleasures rolled into one!

A major benefit of using chocolate on the skin is that it has powerful anti-ageing properties, which have been used for many years in anti-ageing treatments. The cocoa bean has a fiber coating, which breaks down harmful free radicals (the wrinkle-causing molecules). The fatty cocoa butter hydrates and softens the skin, which then feels fantastic and smells gorgeous.

Chocolate Face Treatment
45 Minutes

Chocolate Treatment

 Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage
1 Hour

Enjoy a sparkling drink and some strawberries during your body treatment.