Make Up


At Esteem Beauty we like you to look and feel your best inside and out. If you have a special occasion planned you want your make up to be perfect. Maybe you are looking for a make over or make up lessons we can help with all of this and we offer a full consultation.

At Esteem Beauty we believe make up should enhance your best features and minimise the negative ones; not make you look like a completely different person!

Wedding make-up

A woman’s wedding day is often considered the most important day of her life and every bride dreams of a perfect wedding. Looking perfect on the day is so important and if the wedding make-up goes wrong the wedding photographs will be around to haunt the bride forever!

At Esteem Beauty we have a pre-wedding consultation as part of the wedding package.

Colours and styles will be discussed and tried until the bride finds her perfect look. As the bride you have to feel happy and comfortable with the look created  before the BIG Day!

Brides should allow at least an hour and a half for their appointment. This will be plenty of time to perfect the look and allow for any interruptions.

Professional makeover

Make overs are now more popular than ever. At Esteem Beauty we will discuss with you products which suits your skin type, colouring and budget.


Kasia’s top tips for Make-up

There are lots of things you can do to make your cosmetics suit you and most tips will be different for each person, but here are a few which apply to everyone:

  1. Start with a good natural look - Your make-up will only look great if it is applied on a well looked after base. The skin on your face should be clean, before you even attempt to apply any cosmetics.

  2. Use a gentle face scrub once a week to keep skin clear from dead skin and dirt.

  3. Invest some time in shaping and plucking your eyebrows. Eyebrows shape your face, and no amount of make-up can do it as well as a good shaped brow. We offer a eyebrow shaping service to suit your face.

  4. Less is more - Don't go overboard on your basics, they are there to enhance your features, not drown them.

  5. Choose colours that complement your skin tone.

  6. When choosing foundation, go for your natural colour, it is designed to create an even skin tone, not give you a tan. Too dark a colour will create streaks and too light will make you look ill!

Day Makeup

30 Minutes


Evening Makeup

45 Minutes


Bridal & Wedding Day Makeup

1 hour


Esteem Beauty using brands such as PRIORI and Vitage Colour Minerals.