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Thread Veins, medically known as Teleangiectasia, and Vascular Blemishes are a very common problem that can affect all ages. There are a range of reasons for their appearance which include weather, diet, hereditary, pregnancy, genetics and age, to name a few.

ThermaVein (Veinwave) technology has been widely used in the Medical World for many years and has recently become available to the wider market.

What is Veinwave / ThermaVein?

Veinwave is an aesthetic procedure where a targeted area, vein is exposed to microwaves. Removes thread veins spider veins and vascular blemishes by using an innovative treatment known as Thermocoagulation. The process was developed by vascular consultant surgeon Dr Brian Newman M.D. an expert in this field.


  • It has no known-side effects

  • Has the highest safety rating

  • Backed by clinical trials

  • Treats any skin type and age

  • Also effectively removes skin tags

  • Unique treatment and technology, no other comparable




A. Thread veins are very fine blood vessels visible near the surface of the skin. Thread or 'spider veins' (medically known as telangiectasias) tend to run in families, and can also also be caused by trauma to the skin or through sun exposure.

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Difficult not to recommend Esteem highly enough. Kasia is very experienced, very relaxed, very calm and very gentle. I had quite extensive broken capillaries around my nose & cheeks - made my skin look ravaged. A few sessions with Kasia and that has disappeared and it’s not painful, it’s pretty quick and the results are immediate. As I say, would thoroughly recommend it. Thanks Kasia, my skin is looking good.
— Charles
I had been troubled by ugly thread veions around and inside my nose for many years and I ‘d been told laser or IPL treatments were unsuitable, then Tharmavein was recommended. I mmediately after my treatment I looked in the mirror and the veins had totally disappeared. Thank you Kasia.
— Mark

Q.What is the procedure to remove red veins?

A. A tiny probe the size of a human hair, is rested above the vein to close it together. A pulse of 0.2 seals the vein and the process is repeated until the vein is permanently closed. The treatment takes minutes for one vein, you may need one or two sessions to get rid of the veins.


Q.Is it safe?

A. Yes it is safe and medically approved by registered consultants. Esteem Beauty have been trained and qualified to use the treatment. When administered properly the treatment should not leave any scarring or pigmentation on the skin. You can walk out of the salon after your treatment with no problems. Effective results are usually achieved in one 20-minute session and the successful treatment can be clearly viewed instantly. Larger areas may take longer to complete and a recovery period will be required.


Q.Is it pain free?

A. Everyone varies in the degree of sensitivity to pain, and it also depends on the part of the body as some areas are more sensitive than others. The area around the nose is always more sensitive as there is a lack of flesh in this area.  The pain has been described like a hair being pulled out.


Q.What will I need to do before or after treatment?

A. Aloe Vera should be applied to the area treated after treatment


Q.Are there any side effects?

A. After having Thermavein on the face, your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight. Your consultant should provide you with minimum SPF factor 30 sun cream to protect your skin after treatment. The amount of time you need to be careful in the sun depends on how much Thermavein you have had so check with your consultant how long you should take precautions. The treatment can be used on any skin type and any age.

Q.How long does it last?

The treatment is typically permanent and will usually remove all visible signs of the underlying condition. In some cases, the veins can recur, but a top-up treatment will usually resolve the issue.

Q. What are skin tags?

 Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that hang off the skin and look a bit like warts. They're very common, harmless, and can vary in colour and size – from a few millimetres up to 5cm (about 2 inches) wide.

Not to be used in 

As long as you are generally healthy and don’t have any skin diseases or active infections in the area treated, there are few medical reasons why you should not undergo this treatment. 

ThermaVein thermo-coagulation is contra-indicated in people who:

  • Suffer from infectious skin conditions.

  • Are pregnant.

  • Are epileptic.

  • Have a pacemaker.

  • Take anti-coagulants.

  • Have fake tan product on the skin. 

Healing process

This can vary dependent on certain skin types and conditions and the size of the vein(s). Aloe Vera should be applied to the area treated after treatment

At Esteem Beauty we will give a full consultation ensuring that this treatment is right for the individual. Advice is given through-out the process. If we feel the individual is not suitable for this type of treatment we will give the client alternative advice.

Please note:

Esteem Beauty would like to remind customers that if suffering from a cold sore at the time of a treatment Esteem Beauty will not be able to perform said treatment. This will result in Esteem Beauty retaining the deposit to cover the cost of the missed appointment. 


Treatment Prices


30 Minutes


following consultation the cost of treatment will be recalculated



following consultation the cost of treatment will be recalculated