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Semi-Permanent Make Up, Alopecia Reconstruction, Male & Female Eyebrows

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience. However at our Glasgow Westend permanent makeup clinic confidence can be regained using our advanced permanent make-up techniques. Eyebrows and eyeliners can be restored and redesigned, colours can be chosen to compliment your skin tone. Eyebrows designed to suit your own unique face shape. Restore what may have been lost to a medical condition.

SPM, a great solution for alopecia sufferers

The unpredictability of Alopecia, the change of appearance and the impact it may have on self-esteem are known only too well by those who suffer with this condition. Esteem Beauty sympathises with the distress that this condition can bring. But recognises the potential benefits that permanent make-up techniques such as micro-blading and micro-pigmentation can help to restore facial features lost due to this condition.
Glasgow’s foremost Cosmetologist Kasia has established her industry leading reputation by providing high-quality consistent Permanent Make up treatments to many satisfied clients.
Kasia’s education was fundamentally based in a medical setting. Her scientific understanding of the human body and mind allows her to offer a compassionate approach to her client’s.


Using Scalp pigmentation to treat Alopecia Unlike other treatment options that can prove to be expensive, unreliable, or temporary, scalp micropigmentation provides a safe, guaranteed, and affordable way for individuals with any type or degree of alopecia to mask the effects of their condition and create the appearance of a full head of hair. Much like tattooing, scalp micropigmentation injects dots of pigment, which have carefully been matched to both your skin color and natural hair color, under the skin of your scalp to create the illusion of hair that has recently been shaved and is beginning to grow back. This is a great option for people who are suffering from any type or degree of alopecia, as it can be applied to the entire scalp or in smaller sections to mask patches of hair loss.
Why is this treatment appropriate for women ? Some women may have lost hair or their hair has thinned due to a number of reasons for example stress, alopecia, hormonal changes. Our micropigmentation specialist Kasia has a deep understanding of permanent cosmetics. She will match the microdot tattoo pigment with your natural pigment colour and thus create a flawless look.
HOW DOES THE TREATMENT PROCESS WORK? An initial detailed and confidential consultation will establish whether you are able to undertake treatment. This consultation will consider your individual needs and explain the treatments available to you. Two weeks after treatment, a complimentary session is offered to reinforce and preserve the treatment for your quality assurance. Natural fading will occur after 1 - 3 years when enhancing maintenance can be applied.
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