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Chemical Peels & Face Treatments

It may sound rather alarming but facial peels are a fantastic way to tackle various ageing effects on the skin. They are extremely effective in brightening and freshening dull and tired complexions which have a build-up of clogged pours and dead, flaky skin cells. An effective facial peel will allow the healthy, fresh new skin cells to show and the resulting smoother looking skin simply glows.

Superficial-Depth Peels, Medium-Depth Peels
& Deep Peels

Used to treat blemishes, scars and uneven pigmentation. It is an ideal treatment for tackling the appearance of fine lines and brown age spots due to sun damage. These are recommended approximately every 4 – 6 weeks.
Can help to reduce small wrinkle lines, certain types of acne scars, and the appearance of a variety of pigmentation problems. These are recommended monthly until you achieve your desired results.
Are effective at reducing the appearance of deeper lines, wrinkles and scars. One treatment is usually adequate to produce dramatic, lasting improvements in your skin and it’s unlikely that you would need any follow-up treatments.


What are peels These involve peeling solutions applied to the skin to remove dead cells and promote the growth of new cells in their place. Peels can help to improve skin tone by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Are peels painful? No treatments should be painful although there may be a very small degree of discomfort in some peels.
What do we use? We are proud to offer each individual client the most suitable peel to achieve the results they desire. As part of each personalised treatment plan there are variety of different types of peels available and we will work with you during your exclusive consultation to decide which is best.
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