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Thread Vein Removal & Skin Tag Removal

Veinwave is an aesthetic procedure where a targeted area, the vein is exposed to microwaves. Removes thread veins spider veins and vascular blemishes by using an innovative treatment known as Thermocoagulation.


ThermaVein (Veinwave) technology has been widely used in the Medical World for many years and has recently become available to the wider market.
-It has no known side effects
-Has the highest safety rating
-Backed by clinical trials
-Treats any skin type and age
-Also effectively removes skin tags
-Unique treatment and technology, no other comparabl


What is the procedure to remove red veins? A tiny probe the size of a human hair is rested above the vein to close it together. A pulse of 0.2 seals the vein and the process is repeated until the vein is permanently closed. The treatment takes minutes for one vein, you may need one or two sessions to get rid of the veins.
Is it safe? Yes, it is safe and medically approved by registered consultants. Esteem Beauty have been trained and qualified to use the treatment. When administered properly the treatment should not leave any scarring or pigmentation on the skin. You can walk out of the salon after your treatment with no problems. Effective results are usually achieved in one 20-minute session and the successful treatment can be clearly viewed instantly. Larger areas may take longer to complete and a recovery period will be required.
How long does it last? The treatment is typically permanent and will usually remove all visible signs of the underlying condition. In some cases, the veins can recur, but a top-up treatment will usually resolve the issue.
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