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SOS Treatment for all Skin Types

Our salon strength skin boost uses an exceptional combination of dynamic ingredients to deliver an SOS  treatment to ignite the youth mechanisms of your skin. Upon application your skin’s senses will awaken.  Our key ingredients will tingle and energise your skin as they are absorbed. ​

Over time, your skin function will become more youthful, naturally defending itself against the visible indications of skin ageing and repairing damage caused by pollution particles, UV and blue light radiation.​

Ideal for all skin types, our lightweight gel complex absorbs quickly with no residue, leaving your skin hydrated and silky.

Key Ingredients:

Linefactor C ™​
• A fibroblast growth factor that encourages your skin to perform more youthfully (by 10 years in 42 days*), Stimulates total skin function, improves skin texture and elasticity. Aids the repair of your skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss

Lipochroman 6®
• A powerful anti-oxidant and anti–free radical that reduces the ageing effects of reactive oxidative stress within cells and prevents cell DNA damage. Offers detoxification to your cells from pollution particles, UV and blue light

Juveleven ™
• A peptide that repairs DNA damage, efficiently rejuvenates skin cells and protects them from the toxic effects of pollutants, as well as restoring UV induced DNA damage

Skinasensyl ™–
• A peptide that calms and soothes your skin after exposure to radiation . Enables the skin’s tolerance threshold to increase, allowing a more sensitive skin to benefit from our high-performance ingredients

*Clinical study with 60 panelists over 42 days


Katherine Daniels Total Skin Repair Concentrate

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